Thursday, June 27, 2013

Install Mac OS X Mountain Lion on Dell Vostro 1550

Hi all,
today i am going to explain the steps to install latest OS X Mountain Lion on Dell Vostro 1550 laptop having configurations,

  • 3rd Gen. Intel Core i3 
  • Intel HD 3000 Graphics
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM & 500 GB HDD
  • Broadcom 1701 wireless card & Realtek PCIe ethernet controller
Note: Everything is working perfectly except wireless (Wifi).

So the main tools we are going to use are as under,
  1. OS X mountain lion ISO image modified for intel/amd. you can download from HERE.
  2. at least 20gb free hard disk space.
Ok now lets start,
  • Burn the downloaded ISO image on a DVD with any of your favorite CD/DVD burner.
  • Before you boot from dvd, please enable "AHCI" mode for HDD in your BIOS Settings because OS X works under AHCI Mode only.
  • Now boot from the dvd 
  • When you get the os x screen select your language and press next
  • now on the next screen select "Disc Utility" from the top most menu of the screen.
  • when disc utility starts select the partition you want to install OS X and format it with the option "Mac OS X extended journaled".
  • when it finishes just close the disc utility and select customize on the next screen. Select the Graphics Enabler option under Graphics section. 
  • for Sound you have to download Voodoohda kernel (Just google it. Its easily available!).
  • select next and wait for the process to finish installation. 
  • when the installation finishes, restart the pc 
  • what you get after restart? if you get the welcome screen then its good. But in case if you stuck at apple logo or get grey or blue screen with error. Just restart and enter "Graphics enabler = No" 
  • When you get the welcome screen finish the steps and let all the processes finish. ( It will repair all the permissions) generally it takes about 10 - 15 minutes. Don't restart or remove dvd from the drive during this process.
  • when all done you are good to go.. enjoy your hackintosh.
There are many flavors available to install mountain lion on pc. But this distro is best as it is very easy to install. for new bees.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Install mac on PC 100% working dual boot with vista or windows 7

hi guys,
as u find lots of blogs and articles on the internet about the procedure to install mac os on your intel based PC. some of them are very hard to understand even for me before i am succeeded to install MAC OS on my PC.
Here i am giving my best knowledge to install mac os on PC.

First of all you need some pre-requisites for this venture,
  • windows vista or Windows 7 disk
  • MAC os 10.5. disk any of your favorite flavor (iPC, iDeneb, etc as i have used iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5)

now we are ready to install the MAC os, dual boot with windows OS,

- First create partition on your hard drive, remember it must be a primary partition. As you have read at many blogs, youtube videos and other articles that they've used windows Disk management tool to create partition, some what like this,

  • Right click on the my computer icon
  • select "Manage" option
  • select "Disk Management" option
  • and create a partition..... and blah blah blah blah etc...
Its very complicated for some peoples like me... some time it doesn't shows the exact options as u see in the other blogs or videos.

For this i recommend,
  1. Download Hiren's boot CD (just google it, its about 180 mb)
  2. Then burn that 'ISO' image on the any CD with nero or some other cd burner software.
  3. After that boot that cd in to your computer, (put cd in to cd rom and then restart PC and set first boot device CD ROM, u can get exactly how to do this from other blogs, its very common).
  4. when u boot in to Hiren's boot CD, go to partitioning tools and among that go to Acronis disk director suite (its the best tool!).
  5. then create partition of at least 10 GB, either by shrinking form other partition or by creating new partition.
  6. when you create a partition, format it with 'FAT 32' file system (it is also done by Acronis disk director suite).
  7. then select that partition and go to its property and choose change type (its some where down on the side panel of the Acronis )
  8. Change type of the partition from Logical to Primary. As u select this option your partition color will convert in to yellow as it shows u r windows os partition in the Acronis.
  9. here we have done with Acronis Disk Director suite (say thanx to it)
  10. Now exit from Acronis Disk director and remove Hiren's Boot CD from CD drive
  11. Put Mac OS DVD you have downloaded (find it from torrent) and restart u t PC.
  12. when it boot from the DVD and ask for to press any key or press F8 option, press F8 and type -v (its verbose mode installation, its just for finding any error during installation )
  13. if u r PC has P-4 processor and 1 Gb of RAM then i am sure that u will not find any error, most probably as per my experience (coz my PC is very low configured..)
  14. when installation starts, select language
  15. then from the Installation menu above select Utilities and then disk utilities
  16. now select your 10 Gb (or whatever more than it sized) partition, that we have created from Acronis Disk Director suite.
  17. And erase it in "Mac OS extended journal" format and name it as u like.
  18. Quite the disk utility
  19. after that follow the simple installation steps (as u install windows), it takes some time depending on your PC configuration (mine has taken about 1 hr)
  20. when it says "Installation Completed" remove the MAC dvd from the cd drive and reboot the machine.
  21. What u have found ???????? most probably "Boot error:0" (i have got this error since 1 week). or u r system will automatically boot in to windows OS.
  22. Don't worry! just put your windows vista or windows 7 disk in to the CD Drive and reboot it.
  23. When the windows installation starts select "Repair" option, and then go to command prompt and type the following line,
  • diskpart:> list disk (this will displays the list of HDD, mostly its only one Disk 0)
  • diskpart:> select disk n (n is u r disk no. in most case its 0)
  • diskpart:>list partition (that shows list of all the partition on HDD)
  • diskpart:>select partition n (n = partition no. select the windows OS partition No.)
  • diskpart:>active (this will make that partition active)
  • diskpart:>select partition n (n = partition no. select the MAC os partition no.)
  • diskpart:>active
  • diskpart:>exit

then remove the Window OS cd from the cd rom and restart the PC. Now you can find list of both the installed OS. Select MAC and here you have done guys............


Special Thanx to 'taranfx' without his guidance even i cant do that...